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The International Institute of Advanced Therapies (IITA) is formed by a group of different specialist Medical Doctors, who perform the advance therapies in association with Hospital de Diagnóstico, the most advanced technological hospital in El Salvador.

The IITA principal objective is offer to the abroad and national patients the most advances therapies in our Hospital, many of them no available in some countries or which price in those places are considerably high than in our center.

Example of this is the Stem Cells therapy for Pulmonary Diseases called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Fibrosis or Emphysema, conditions that at this moment, do not respond to the conventional treatments with medicines, and with a bad prognosis for the patient´s life without an alternative treatment such as Stem Cells Therapy.

Other example is that our Hospital is the only medical Center at Latin America and South of Mexico to offer Thomotherapy for cancer treatment. This is the most modern treatment for cancer without surgery or like a surgical complement.

All the therapies are performed under a scientific protocol supported for worldwide medical investigation and approved by the Hospital Medical and Ethical Comitee. Many resumes or scientific information about the treatments are available for our patients in this website and any person can contact us through our blog and make any question about the therapies or the diseases.

The IITA desire is offer to you or to your family, the most advance treatment alternatives for serious diseases such as cancer, chronic pain and other conditions or new alternatives of treatment as Stem Cells Therapy for diseases like COPD without other medical alternatives at this moment.

We will be delighted to help you with technology, quality, affordable prices, warm and with people who loves help other people.

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